Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You!

Focus: What do we need to know about prose?

1. Warming up with happy Monday thoughts and a few reminders from Mrs. Talen!

2. Enjoying a little "Name that Tone" with Quizlet, the first page of East of Eden, and the first page of Invisible Man

My easy tricks for deciphering tone:
  • Look for patterns of diction (especially verbs).
  • Look for patterns of imagery.
3. Playing a quick round of "Name that Prose Term"


4. Viewer Choice: Practicing 19th century prose with multiple choice questions, or...
                              Practicing contemporary prose with an essay prompt.

5. If time allows, taking a quick peek at Prince Liam from "The Royals"...or shall we call him Prince Hal?

1. The test is in about a week.  The part of the test that you can really prepare for at this point is Question 3, so work hard on your bedside stacks.  Repetition is key. Repetition is key.

2. One of your big question blog posts will be receiving a 9-point grade. Which one? That's up to you! Please e-mail me by noon today to tell me which one you'd like me to grade (can be from either semester). If I don't hear from you by noon, I will grade your most recent one.

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