Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A.P. Literature and Awesomeness: August 20, 2014

Focus: What kinds of literary approaches are most helpful to us as readers?

If you have not done so yet, please turn in your signed class policies and your 26 questions at the beginning of class today. Thanks!

1. Considering why we read...and paying a little tribute to the late Robin Williams

  • List the last five texts you've read (books, short stories, poems, articles, blogs, etc).
  • Were they worth the time it took to read them?
  • What was your purpose in reading them?

2. Reading and discussing Perrine's "Escape and Interpretation" (20 min)

3. Practicing Socratic seminar (25-30 min):
  • Offering you an overview of what Socratic is and how it's assessed
  • Prepping for Socratic with questions and nameplates
    • What might Foster have to say about "Werewolves in Their Youth?"
    • What about Perrine?
    • Find a specific passage and form a question using one of the 20 formats distributed in class.
  • Sampling Socratic with a 15 minute discussion of "Werewolves in Their Youth"
  • (If time allows) debriefing what went well and what didn't

1. Bring notebook paper and a blue or black pen for tomorrow's first timed writing.
2. Reread "Werewolves" and the Perrine article to help yourself prepare for the timed writing; bring them both to class tomorrow.

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