Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A.P. Lit Can See the Invisible Man! December 9, 2014

Focus: What larger conclusions can we draw about Invisible Man?

Project people: Please make sure I have your poem by the end of today.

1. Warming up with our favorite intoxicated white lady: Sybil

What descriptions of Sybil surprise you?

What does Sybil have in common with...

  • The other white ladies?
  • The Sambo bank?
  • The Sambo doll?
  • The college scholarship in the narrator's briefcase?
  • Birth of a Nation (first American motion picture--KKK as hero saving white woman from raped by black man)?
  • Tatlock and Brockway?
  • Optic white paint?
  • Mr. Norton?
  • Mary?
  • Ras the Destroyer?
  • The symbol of the boomerang?

2. Revisiting the Prologue and the beginning of Chapter 1 and attempting a redaction with a focus on how the narrator has changed (what self-knowledge has he gained?)

3. Drawing larger conclusions about Invisible Man using your brilliant big question blogs

Try using our MMM approach to your blog if you're feeling overwhelmed:

  • Moments: What symbols, minor characters, and specific events do you find most intriguing?
  • Movements: What larger patterns are you noticing?
  • Multiple meanings: What does Ellison want us to make of these patterns? How does this relate to your big question blog?

1. Just those poetry essays and projects...yep.

2. If you're trying to decide whether or not to revise your literary essay, here's a thought:

6 = 90%
7 = 93%
8 = 95%
9 = You should be teaching this class.

Also, the difference between, say, a 6 and an 8 on the actual A.P. test is quite significant.

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