Monday, December 8, 2014

A.P. Lit Is at the End of a Journey: December 8, 2014

Focus: To what extent does the ending of Invisible Man boomerang us back to the beginning?

Project people: Please turn in a copy of your poem.

1. Warming up: Looking through Chapters 24, 25, and the Epilogue, please do the following for EACH chapter:
  • Identify a central image.
  • Find what you think is the most significant line.
  • Ask a specific question.
2. Discussing the end of Invisible Man in a Socratic seminar

3. Wrapping up (10 minutes)

1. Bring your laptops to class tomorrow; we will have some time to compose your big question blog response to Invisible Man.  

2. Remember the big deadlines:

Projects are due Thursday, December 11.

Essays have a rolling deadline; the earlier you turn it in, the earlier it will be graded.  The final deadline for these is the last day of class, December 15.

3. If you have any missing work, or you'd like to revise your independent literary essay, please do so by Monday, Dec 15 (the last day of class).  

4. Our final exam will take place on December 16, 10:30 am to 2:00.  If you have a conflict that cannot be resolved, please see me immediately.

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