Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A.P. Lit Is Moving in and out of History: December 3, 2014

Focus: What does it mean to be inside or outside of history? Where is the narrator?

PLC: Shortened Class Today

1. Warming up with organizing objects inside and outside of history

2. Performing a quick close reading of Clifton and his dancing Sambo doll (drawing optional), only this time, please put your symbolic observations in the form of questions

Ex: Why is the thread that Clifton uses to make the Sambo doll dance both black and invisible? (446)

3. Enjoying a few rounds of "Save the Last Line" in groups of four

Round One: Most significant image from Chapter 21

Round Two: Most important sentence from Chapter 22

Round Three: Most pressing question from Chapter 23

1. Please finish Invisible Man for our final, all-out Socratic Seminar on Monday, December 8.  Reading ticket of your choice (just make it good and come ready to talk).

2. If you are writing a poetry essay, bring your laptop to class on Friday.  If you're doing a project, bring any materials that you might want to work with.

Projects are due Thursday, December 11.

Essays have a rolling deadline; the earlier you turn it in, the earlier it will be graded.  The final deadline for these is the last day of class, December 15.

3. If you have any missing work, or you'd like to revise your independent literary essay, please do so by Monday, Dec 15 (the last day of class).  

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