Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A.P. Is Strumming the Eolian Harp: March 17, 2015

Focus: What are the hardest poetry multiple choice sections we're going to see on the test, and how do we approach them?

1. Warming up with a dramatic reading of "A Dialogue Between the Soul and Body"

Moments (imagery, diction, metaphors, sounds, etc.)
Movements (shifts, ends of long sentences...consider how you would section the poem)
Multiple meanings (theme and tone)

What is the soul's complaint about the body?
What metaphor does the soul use to describe the body?

What is the body's complaint about the soul?
What metaphor does the body use to describe the soul?

What imagery and diction stand out?
What tone do the imagery and diction create? (Exercise that vocab)

Unravel the metaphor in the final two lines: What is being compared to what and why?

2. Trying out the multiple choice on your own; discussing your processes as a class

3. Reading and responding to "The Eolian Harp"

4. Speed dating to discuss your multiple choice selections

1. Assigned book club reading/syllabus for tomorrow.

2. Next poetry response is not due until April (I'm hoping that you'll have a somewhat homework-free spring break).

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