Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Presenting Poetry: March 10, 2015

Focus: How can our own creativity shed light on poetry?

Please turn in your poetry essays.

Reminder: You will have a fire drill during third hour.

1. Browsing through the poetry packet with a singular focus

2. Establishing the order of project presentations

(Wednesday classes will be short)

3. Enjoying your poetry projects!  Audience members: Think about what you can bring to each presentation as well. Thoughtful questions? Positive feedback? Your own interpretations?

1. Your first hour class will begin at noon tomorrow (if you are a junior taking the PARCC test, please arrive at your normal time and bring your headphones).

2. Assigned book club reading/syllabus for Monday, March 16.

3. Next poetry response due next Monday. This week might be a good time to knock it out.

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