Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Advanced Placement Waiting: What Day Is It?

Focus: What are they waiting for?

1. Warming up with a brief film clip echoing Alex and Joe's performance
  • What aspects of human existence does this performance accentuate?
2. Sharing of your thoughts from yesterday and entertaining few questions about Lucky
  • How is Lucky "lucky"?  In other words, how is his suffering less than that of Didi and Gogo?
  • To what extent is his name ironic? Or, how is he suffering more than Didi and Gogo are?
  • What might the rope around his neck symbolize?

From shmoop: "At least Lucky can see the rope around his neck. Vladimir and Estragon can’t."

3. Reading the rest of Act 1 in Waiting for Godot 
3. Wrapping up

1. Continue working on your culminating essay prompt and booklist; let me know anytime you'd like feedback. Outline due Friday.

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