Thursday, April 16, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Workshopping: April 16, 2015

Focus: How do we read and write about prose passages?

1. Warming up: Considering yourself an existential hero (or not)
  • What does your mountain consist of? What about your boulder?  Your endless sky?
  • What makes you pause at the top, and what do you think of?
  • What makes you pause at the bottom, and what do you think of?
  • What compels you to push the boulder up the hill once again?

2. Spying the irony (or the lack of irony) in prose passages

3. Revisiting Mary Barton (2004 Form B)
  • What point of view is used? Why might the author have chosen that point of view?
  • What details strike you as significant? What larger patterns/themes do they create?
  • What is revealed through the dialogue? What social commentary does the dialogue evoke?
  • Find lines that contribute to the characterization of...
    • Wilson
    • Mr. Carson's servants
    • The upper class ladies (wife and daughters, I'm assuming) of Mr. Carson's house
  • What larger social commentary do these characterizations create?

4. Perusing the rubric and sample essays, then workshopping your own Tuesday writings

If you'd like feedback on your brainstorming, outlining, and drafting, please send me an e-mail with your specific inquiries. If you just Google share a document with me, I'm not sure what you'd like help with.

New final due date: April 27 (however, if you turn yours in early, it will be the first one graded and returned)

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