Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A.P. Literature and Aweseomness: September 17, 2014

Focus: What makes a college essay effective? 

1. Warming up: Differentiating between showing (storytelling) and telling (reflecting)

An example of showing/storytelling
An example of telling/reflecting

2. Looking at three darn good college essays and figuring out what makes them work

Madison's essay: Favorite lines? What's she like? How do you know?

Katherine's essay: Where is she storytelling? Where is she reflecting? Try color coding.

Maria's essay: What extended metaphor did she create? What makes it work?

3. Working on your own college essays and trying out a few tricks

  • Start with something concrete--use your storytelling voice instead of your reflective, summarizing voice.
  • Use imagery, and use more than one sense; recreate your universe for the reader.
  • Find a balance between storytelling and reflecting (i.e. the voiceover) that works for you.
  • Have someone who doesn't know you particularly well read your essay and try to describe you based on the essay alone.  

4. If time allows, exploring the ending of Part 2 in small groups

1. College essays due this Friday.  If you are absent on Friday, please Google share your essay with me by 3 pm Friday and bring a hard copy the following Monday.

2. No new reading assignment for Friday since your essay is due; but Chapters 23 through 26 are due Monday.  Bring East of Eden to class on Friday for an activity that brings together everything you've read so far.

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