Thursday, September 18, 2014

A.P. Literature and Awesomeness: September 18, 2014

Focus: How can we improve our timed writings?

1. Warming up: Unraveling the mysterious language of the A.P. rubric

2. Examining a few sample student essays on "To Paint a Water Lily" and the readers' comments

3. Workshopping the essays of a few dauntless volunteers

1. Please finish/bring your reading ticket on Part 1 vs. Part 2 to class tomorrow; also, if you haven't yet finished Part 2 (say, because A.P. Lit may not be the only thing going on in your life), try to finish by tomorrow.  If you can't, catch up over the weekend but remember that there will be a new reading assignment for Monday.

2. College essays are due tomorrow.  A few key details:

  • Make sure you have included the prompt (and word limit if there is one) at the top of your essay.
  • Please double space.
  • If you are absent tomorrow, please Google share your essay with by 3:00 pm and bring a hard copy on Monday.

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