Monday, September 15, 2014

A.P. Literature and Awesomeness: September 15, 2014

Focus: How are things evolving (or devolving) in East of Eden so far?

1. Warming up with happy Monday journaling: One immediate thing to look forward to, one far off thing to look forward to

2. Giving your reading tickets the attention they deserve

2. Socratic Seminar: Chapters 10-15 of East of Eden

3. Wrapping up

1. Tomorrow we will have Tuesday writing.  Please have your extended metaphor poetry packets in class with you.

2. Follow the East of Eden reading schedule: Read through the end of Part 2. For your reading ticket, please type half a page (double spaced) in response to the following question: Consider how the novel is structured so far.  What important difference do you notice between Part 1 and Part 2?  In other words, what has shifted, how has it shifted, and why is this important?  Any predictions for Part 3?

3. College essays due this Friday.  Please bring your draft to class on Wednesday for a 20-30 minute workshop.


  1. Warm up

    Theme-Adam’s blindness to Cathy

    Is he blind to the devil?
    Adam easily saw evil in Charles, but he doesn;t in Cathy
    It would be different if they met when Cathy wasn’t vulnerable
    He is in denial because it would shatter his perfect image of her
    Why was Charles able to recognize her evil?

    He saw himself in cathy-innate darkness, demon inside them

    Charles isn’t looking for love because he accepted his difficult childhood
    Why does he sleep with her?

    They are both evil-union of evil
    Really drunk-alcohol makes you weak
    Cathy was his slip-up
    Charles wants to be right about Cathy’s evil, and sleeping with her confirms her evil and patches his ego

    Adam is traumatized by his childhood and he is desperate to be loved so he latches onto Cathy

    Adam has an inherit blindness
    he continues to associate with charles after charles tries to kill him

    Cyrus was purposely blind to Adam’s interests and he expected so much out of him
    Cathy and Cyrus are blind to Adam’s feelings

    Adam can’t stand being alone-he needs to be around people, and Cathy and Charles were the only available.

    People in abusive relationships stay in abusive relationships
    it’s hard for someone to see fault in someone you love

    Adam wants to help Cathy because she is a victim
    medic in the army, he has a need to help

  2. Why is chapter 12 included?
    very different and short, interlude
    relating history and time period to the lives of the characters

    things that happened in the past must be forgotten if they’re awful
    Adam knows about the hardship and cruelty in the past, so he just brushes it off


    Salinas valley-sometimes good and sometimes bad
    Marking a transition, but reminding the reader that bad things have happened, but they ignore it in the good time

    Cathy’s Pregnancy

    who is the father?
    what are the characteristics that her child will have?
    will it be truly evil, if charles is the father?
    Why did she try to kill it?

    It solidifies her marriage to Adam, but she doesn’t want to be tied down
    She is afraid that she might care for another living being because of the motherly instinct
    It depicts the lack of motherly instinct, which means she is so evil and human that she doesn’t have it

    Will others help Adam realize that Cathy is evil?

    Adam is completely under her spell
    Other people recognize her evil quickly

    Why does Cathy want to go?

    She needs to be free, she doesn't want to be tied down by other people
    She is worried that she can't control the situation

    Adam made her go to California even though she didn't want to and it made her uncomfortable

    She married Adam for only protection and money, but being in a different state with a baby makes it harder to leave into an unfamiliar place.

    pg 120 “she smiled to herself when she thought what charles would say...”

    she has a sort of kinship with charles

  3. Is there symbolism in the setting?

    Moved west- are they moving farther or closer from Eden?
    West is the American dream

    freedom of the mind is the most important thing

    California is not as great as it seems

    grass is greener, but it’s really not the garden of eden
    Charles- “I don’t think there is any farm without something wrong with it...”-Charles is realistic

    Comparison between the two different mountains at the beginning of the book symbolizes the good and bad of East and West

    Lee-talking to Samuel about why he speaks the way he does

    separate observation from preconception
    Adam is trying to create his preconception
    Tower of Babel-trying to create of monument of Adam’s greatness

    Adam and Eve

    Adam tries to build the garden of Eden
    Inevitable that Cathy is going to harm Adam in some way
    Adam’s life has been set up for something to not go well
    They use the verb “tempt” many times-setup for a fall

    pg 110-Adam just discovered Cathy and he is car

    After charles left-tea, handkerchief, “it was this room this bed his stepmother was standing over him with a damp cloth”-he is saying “you have to know him”
    Adam feels like he knows something about Cathy that no one else does his mom is blind to who is giving her the gifts and Adam is blind to how Cathy really is


    Lee is a character to be discussed
    he sees right through Cathy
    Hoped we would have talked about the scars of Cathy and Charles and how they are connected
    What makes Cathy uncomfortable
    Will Cathy interfere with Samuels life
    Talk more about Samuel
    Are samuel and his family blind to the harshness of california
    similarities of cain and abel were tied in well
    Look directly and bible passages
    Shift in Cathy from total manipulator, and she starts to lose power when people don't believe her innocence
    motif of birth
    Wish we talked about Olive and the airplane

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