Thursday, November 20, 2014

A.P. Lit Students Are Venturing into Their Own Minds: November 20, 2014

Focus: What's going on inside your mind as you process a poem?

1. Warming up by thinking about next semester
  • Do you enjoy this class?
  • Is this work you're putting into this class worth what you're getting out of this class?
  • What is the ultimate reward of taking this class for you?
  • If you're taking it largely for the A.P. credit, do the colleges you're considering take A.P. credit?  If so, what scores do they accept, and are you likely to achieve those scores?
  • Do you know what the concurrent enrollment classes are, and do you think they'd suit you better?

2. Recapping the idea behind metacognitive writing and looking at an example

3. Performing a metacognitive writing (this counts as a Tuesday writing, but it's not graded at all like  a Tuesday writing)

Here's what we're going for:

Constant references to specific pieces of text

Questions and ponderings

Inferences and patterns

Possibly tone and themes?

1. If you need more time on your metacognitive writing, please finish it before Thanksgiving break.

2. Read Chapters 14, 15, and 16 for Friday (broken into two nights, it's about 27 pages a night).  We will read Chapter 17 together in class on Friday. For your reading ticket, find one passage that is no more than half a page in length and perform a metacognitive writing on it.

3. Project people: Start up the back burner in your mind and let the ideas simmer.

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