Monday, November 17, 2014

Have You Seen the Invisible Man? November 17, 2014

Focus: What larger meaning can start to make of the patterns in Invisible Man?

1. Warming up: Taking moments from Chapter 1 and exploring how they play out in Chapters 3-9

The narrator's speech
The white lady
The chaos of the Battle Royal
The blindfolds
The arena
The electrified rug
The coins
The briefcase
The scholarship
The grandfather's advice

Make yourself a big, messy chart in which you focus on a few of the items above and explore how they resurface in subsequent chapters, perhaps in slightly altered forms.

How does it change? How does it stay the same?
Why is it important?

2. Taking time to read Chapter 10 and deepen these patterns

3. Wrapping up

1. Read through Chapter 14 for Wednesday; for your reading ticket, please track one or two patterns (just as we were doing in class today).  Jot down the page numbers on which you find these patterns, and form 10 good questions/inferences based on the passages that display them.

2. By next Wednesday, compose a list of about five poems that intrigue you and seem worthy of intensive study.  Time period does not matter, but difficulty does.

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