Monday, November 10, 2014

Invisible Class: November 10, 2014

Focus: How can I translate my Invisible Man confusion into deeply intellectual questions?

Turn in those literary essays!  Woo hoo!

Also, I have revised the reading schedule slightly to make it more manageable.

1. Warming up: Using the symbols and imagery in the Prologue to scaffold some good questions

Step 1: Form a question about the basic properties of the symbol/image

  • What's the difference between an arrow and a boomerang?  

Step 2: Draw the symbol back to the specific context of the novel/use it to clarify something

  • When the narrator asserts on page 6 that the world moves like a boomerang, what does he mean? 

Step 3: Take it to the next level by connecting it to a larger pattern

  • If the narrator sees the world as a boomerang instead of an arrow, what does this suggest about his history?  And his future?

2. Playing musical chairs to dive into your Prologue questions

3. Reading Chapter 1 together, pausing to pose questions for Wednesday's big Socratic

Please read Chapters 1, 2 and 3 in Invisible Man for Wednesday; read them carefully and slowly because your understanding of the rest of the novel will rest heavily on these first chapters.  Form at least ten good questions using the method from today and/or the Socratic questions sheets given out in class.

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