Thursday, November 13, 2014

A.P. Literature Is Exploring Some Dangerous Stereotypes: November 13, 2014

Focus: What stereotypes dictate the narrator's world in Invisible Man?

1. Viewing part of Ethnic Notions to gain an understanding of the danger and depth of black stereotypes

Please use the handout given out in class (and also linked HERE) to help you sort through, understand, and apply the stereotypes presented in Ethnic Notions

2. Applying these stereotypes to Invisible Man

1. Please follow the revised reading schedule and read Chapters 4 through 6 for Friday's Socratic.  Your reading ticket assignment is the same as it was for today: 10 good discussion questions on specific elements from the pages and their possible connections to larger patterns.

2. By next Wednesday, compose a list of about five poems that intrigue you and seem worthy of intensive study.  Time period does not matter, but difficulty does.

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