Thursday, November 6, 2014

A.P. Literature Is Close Reading: November 6, 2014

Focus: How do I perform a close reading of prose?

Very shortened class today: CMAS

1. Offering you one of my sample close readings from college

Moments: What imagery, diction, sounds, metaphors, and other examples of figurative language stand out?

Movement: What patterns are starting to emerge?  What interesting contradictions are you noticing?  Shift happens: What's changing? What's staying the same?

Multiple meanings: What larger themes and tone does this passage contribute to? How do your observations about this quotation support and deepen your thesis?

2. Trying out a close reading on one of your literary essay quotations

1. Bring Invisible Man to class tomorrow.

2. Finish your Henry IV blog; don't worry if it's a bit shorter than your other blogs.  Bring your book tomorrow or Monday to turn in.

3. Literary essays due on Monday.  If you are absent Monday, Google share it with on Monday and bring me a hard copy as soon as you return to school.

4. College essay revisions (along with any other minor assignments you want credit for) are due tomorrow; please follow my revision policy of highlighting your changes, typing a brief paragraph of explanation of changes you made and how they improved your essay, and attaching it to the original draft with my comments.

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