Friday, November 21, 2014

I Yam What I Yam: November 21, 2014

Focus: What are we starting to understand about the narrator in Invisible Man?

1. Warming up with our old friend, Foster, and what he has to say about eating

From "Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion":

"Here's the thing to remember about communions of all kinds: in the real world, breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace, since if you've breaking bread you're not breaking heads.  One generally invites one's friends to dinner, unless one is trying to get on the good side of enemies or employers. We're quite particular about those with whom we break bread...The act of taking food into our bodies is so personal that we really only want to do it with people we're very comfortable with. As with any convention, this one can be violated." (8)

"...writing a meal scene is so difficult, and so inherently uninteresting, that there really needs to be some compelling reason to include one in the story." (8)

Check out two eating scenes from recent chapters:
  • Pork chops and grits for breakfast: Pages 178-179
  • I yam what I yam: Pages 263-266

What specific words and phrases stand out to you in these descriptions, and why might they be important?

Through these scenes of eating, what do we learn or understand about the narrator?

2.  Enjoying small group discussions of Chapters 14-16 (20 minutes)

3. Getting a head start on your reading assignment for Monday

1. Read through Chapter 20 for Monday's big Socratic seminar.  I'd like everyone to be caught up at that point.  If you get on a roll and decide to finish the last two reading assignments for Invisible Man, the last three reading tickets are your choice:
  • 10 good questions/inferences
  • A mini metacognitive on an important little paragraph
  • Charting out patterns established in Chapter 1
  • Drawing a significant scene and identifying/explaining briefly at least five symbolic elements in that scene

2. Poetry project people: Please work through that proposal and turn it in on Tuesday.  Check your metacognitives, as I will be giving you feedback on Monday.

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