Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A.P. Literature and Awesomeness: October 7, 2014

Focus: What moments, movements, and meanings are we taking away from East of Eden?

1. Warming up by revising the very first chapter of the novel: How does it tell you every single thing you need to know about the rest of the book?

2. Forming three "paintings" for each of the novel's four parts

a. With your group, find one pattern in your part--something that's important to your part of the novel and evolves, or devolves, or otherwise shifts a bit.

b. Find three different passages that illustrate how this pattern develops throughout your part.

c. For each passage, make a "painting/sculpture/still life" using the members of your group to represent each quotation.  Try to make some symbolic choices in your pose, and hold the pose while someone in your group reads the passage.

d. Be prepared to explain your pattern, passages, and artistic choices.

3. Using your big question blog to isolate important moments, movements (patterns), and meanings in East of Eden

1. Prepare for tomorrow's timed writing by completing your big question blog for East of Eden.

2. Follow the independent reading schedule you have (hopefully) set for yourself.

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