Friday, October 24, 2014

A.P. Literature and Shakespeareanness: October 24, 2014

Focus: What larger picture do the little pixels form among the Henriad speeches?

1. Warming up: Regathering with your group for five minutes to finish up your speech explications from yesterday; if you finished yesterday, talk through it together to figure out what you'd like to emphasize as you share your findings with other groups

2. Jigsawing it out!  Four groups of six shall become six groups of four

a. Share and care, kids.  Share and care.  Reveal your brilliant epiphanies and feel free to ask questions, too.  Go in the order of the speeches.

b. Discuss the larger patterns that emerge when you see these speeches right next to each other.  What's repeated? What changes and how?  What stays the same and why?

c. How does the first speech, in which Henry takes the throne, compare to the final speech, in which Hal ascends the throne?

3. Returning to your acting companies and starting to prepare your performance and mini lesson for Act 3

a. Please follow the same steps for preparing your Act 3 performance as you did for your Act 1 performance (see handout for details).

b. A new challenge: Give us something specific to focus on as we watch your scene (a guiding question, repetition of a specific word, use of symbolic prop, etc).  When you finish your performance, give us one follow-up question that you relates to what you asked us to focus on.  In other words, you're providing us an analytical frame for your performance.

Focus: As you watch Hal's speech from Act 1, note his physical movements as he delivers his soliloquy.

Follow-up: How did his movements parallel the significant shifts in his speech?

1. You have less than one week remaining to finish reading your independent reading novel. Remember that you're looking for one concrete motif to follow throughout the novel.  You will be writing the essay next week.

2. If you choose to revise your college essay, you must do so by November 7.  Attach your new draft to the original one with my comments; highlight all changes on your new draft and type of brief explanation of what you changed and why.

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