Friday, October 10, 2014

A.P. Literature and Awesomeness: October 10, 2014

Focus: What background information do we need before entering the world of Henry IV?
ž1. Warming up with the illustrated character chart: Making inferences
žWhat can you infer about the characters based on their caricatures and descriptions?  Feel free to ask questions, too.
žWhat is the central political conflict of the play?
žWhat might be some of the play’s social conflicts?
žWhat psychological conflicts might the play entail?

2. žDividing the class into the Courtiers, the Rebels, and the Pub Crawlers; performing “The 15 Minute Henry”
žRead over the entire script together at least once.
žParaphrase your lines to ensure that every person in your group understands them.
žDecide how you will deliver these lines; consider tone, dramatic pauses, volume, body posture, gestures, etc.
žSelect costumes that fit your character group, literally or symbolically.
žPractice a few times.
3. žDesignating King Henry’s court, the Boar’s Head Tavern, and the rebel camp

4. Returning to the illustrated character chart and drawing larger conclusions

1. Independent reading (books must be finished by Oct 27)
2. If you choose to revise your college essay, you must do so by November 7.  Attach your new draft to the original one with my comments; highlight all changes on your new draft and type of brief explanation of what you changed and why.

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