Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All A.P. Needs Is Fourteen Lines: January 13, 2014

Focus: How can a sonnet bring order to chaos?

1. Warming up with Billy Collins' interpretation of the sonnet (and Foster's)

2. Exploring "I will put Chaos into fourteen lines" and "An Echo from Willow-Wood"
  • What kind of diction is associated with Chaos? With Order?
  • What do you notice about grammar in these poems?  Why is it important?

A helpful poetic term: ENJAMBMENT (from literarydevices.net)

Enjambment, derived from a French word enjambment, means to step over or put legs across. In poetry it means moving over from one line to another without a terminating punctuation mark. It can be defined as a thought or sense, phrase or clause in a line of poetry that does not come to an end at the line break but moves over to the next line. In simple words, it is the running on of a sense from one couplet or line to the next without a major pause or syntactical break.

  • What kind of chaos is Rossetti exploring in her sonnet?
  • What kind of diction does she use to evoke chaos?
  • What poetic devices does she use to bring order to this chaos?

3. Getting tricky: Trying your hand at the Shakespearean sonnet

Using postsecrets to explore the order and chaos in Sonnet 130 and the sonnet on your midterm

4. Talking through the sonnet multiple choice section

1. Please make sure I have a hard copy of your first poetry response.

2. Click HERE for a copy of the Beloved reading schedule; note that we will be reading the beginning together in class.

3. Start reading your critical review book; set yourself a clear and doable schedule to finish reading by the end of January (this will give you the time necessary to compose the essay).

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