Thursday, January 8, 2015

A.P. Lit + Dickinson + Frost = 4Ever: January 8, 2015

Focus: How can we improve our poetry timed writings?

1. Warming up: With a partner, make a quick t-chart (or Venn diagram, or whatever spacial entity inspires you) in which you list words/phrases from the Dickinson poem that have a direct correlation, either through similarity or contrast, with words and phrases from the Frost poem

2. Discussing the poems separately and together in terms of...

  • Moments (imagery, diction, punctuation, etc) 
  • Movements (shifts, patterns, shapes)
  • Multiple meanings (tone and theme)

3. Browsing the rubric and sample essays; applying feedback to our own essays in a big circle

1.  Finish your poetry packet and Google share it with me (or e-mail it) by tomorrow.

2. Finish your critical review proposal by Monday; spend a little time at Tattered Cover checking out the new hardback and new paperback fiction shelves.  Have a Big Train chai.

If you know what you want to read for your critical review book and feel somewhat confident  that it will be approved, go ahead and start reading it.

3. First poetry response is due Monday; remember that it must be inspired from one of the poems in the poetry packet I gave you on Tuesday.  Here are the two big rules:

a. It must be one full page (or longer); handwritten or typed and double spaced.
b. It must reference the poem at least once.

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