Friday, January 23, 2015

Who Just Walks Out of the Water? What? A.P. Lit, January 23, 2015

Focus: Who/what is Beloved?

Winter Assembly: Shortened Class

1. Warming up: How is Beloved marked?

What does our friend, Thomas Foster (from How To Read Literature...) have to say about marks?

"...character markings stand as indicators of the damage life inflicts...[characters] bear signs illustrating the way life marks all who pass through it." (195)

Find a couple of good passages illustrated how Beloved is marked.  What might these marks signify? 

2. Discussing Chapters 5 through 8 of Beloved, Socratic style

3. Wrapping up (note to self: class ends at 9:06)

1. Read your critical review book.

2. Read Chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Monday. As you read, keep a Google doc where you simply type favorite/intriguing/seemingly important words and phrases from these chapters. You'll want at least ten, but the more, the better.  You don't need to print it yet; just share it with me.

3. Next poetry response due on Monday.

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  1. Opening Question Markings:

    Why is Beloved’s voice contradictory with her other descriptions?
    she shiny, new skin, happy, but her voice is low and rough

    Other contradictions:

    Her feet were like hands
    She claimed to have come a long way to come to 124, but her hands were really pampered
    Amid all that she was smiling, even though she was in so much pain
    Flawless skin except for 3 scratches
    Who is Beloved?

    She is similar to a baby, coming out the water, new
    Maybe she is Sethe’s dead daughter
    She can’t read, hasn’t learned a lot
    Her voice was rough, which might have something to do with Sethe’s baby’s throat being cut
    Beloved knows things about Sethe that she couldn’t know
    Denver knows, How?
    She is almost possessive of Sethe
    pg 88 What is like over there?-Dark.. Beloved is back from the grave, she was small. hot, nothing to breath, lot of people down, bridge
    “What did you come back for?” “Sethe”

    Where was she before?

    Purgatory, hot, lots of people waiting
    bridges represent transition between two places
    Was she the one haunting the house
    Slaveship?-crowded images, people dying
    Underground railroad
    possibly not be supernatural

    Why is Denver jealous that Beloved said that she came to see Sethe’s face

    She thinks of the ghost baby as a sort of friend, so if Beloved came back for Sethe only, then she felt unimportant

    3 scratches?

    Numbers-124 for house, Beloved is the third
    Why are they on her forehead?
    Marked on, chosen one, it gives her physical distinction from everyone else
    The number 3 is a demonic number-some kind of evil

    Is Beloved evil or good?

    Something is not right about her, she has a lot of anger, she gets very upset
    There is something about her that is not at peace
    If she is the reincarnation of the baby, then babies are innocent and good, so how can she be evil
    When she was haunting the house, she was somewhat evil, even as a baby ghost

    Why do the characters seem ignorant?

    Paul D and Denver see how different she is but Sethe doesn’t
    Last page of Chapter 7- “Nothing better than that to start the day’s serious work of beating back the past”
    Paul D is future, and the ghost is her past?

    Why does Sethe have trouble accepting Beloved?

    Beloved is a walking mistake or scar for Sethe
    Sethe stands up for her when Paul D scorns her
    When Beloved is in ghost form, Sethe doesn’t have to face her past as much, but Beloved’s physical representation is more difficult to avoid
    Seeing Beloved as a young women, it make her think of what could have been

    Is Beloved actually a real person?

    The shininess makes it seem like shes not from here

    Why is Paul D uncomfortable with Beloved?

    He is less attached, so he can see the negative qualities
    Maybe he is the least bothered because he is not as weary or scared of her
    He was weary with the ghost and it transferred to the physical representation

    Beginning of chapter 5 Champaigne passage?

    not completely put together
    comparing her to drunk people
    talks like a child, doesn’t know what’s going on
    Neck was thin as a saucer plate?
    strange way to describe someone
    Like a young baby’s neck, can’t hold it up
    another unnatural quality

    Chapter 8-Denver being born passage, reference of the dragon in the river, when she gets out on the northern side

    spors of blue fern, silvery blue, lots of blue reference, union associated with blue and north
    dragon? the KKK the head of the klan is the imperial dragon?

    Wrap Up

    Haunting baby having throat cut-connection to Beloved’s rough voice
    Why does Beloved stay after she saw Sethe’s face?
    Why is Beloved calling herself Beloved if she’s Sethe’s baby
    Amy is very self-centered, but she still helps Sethe
    Significance of Lady Button Eyes song
    pg 83 her brain was hungry for the past
    Does Beloved want revenge on Sethe?
    Paul D and Sethe talking about Halle?
    Learn more about Sethe’s relationship with mother and how it relates to Sethe’s other relationships
    Significance of the color red
    Amy’s description of the tree on Sethe’s back, beautiful wound
    Similarities between Beloved and Cathy