Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Enjambing: January 27, 2015

Focus: How can we break lines to create meaning?

1. Warming up with listening to a little Billy Collins
  • Where did you break the lines?  Why?
  • What's this poem about?
  • How did he break his lines?  How did it enrich or alter your understanding of the poem?

2. Reading the "left-handed" poems of Galvin and Levine

For Galvin:
  • Find one line with unusual syntax or an unusual line break.  
  • Try rewriting it in a way that makes it more "usual."  
  • What did it lose?
For Levine:
  • Find three examples of enjambment that seem significant to you. 
  • Why do you think he broke the lines there?  In other words, how does it emphasize or create meaning?
3. Trying out your own left-handed poems (or right-handed if you're a lefty like me)

1. Read Chapters 13, 14, and 15 for Wednesday; please continue adding to your Google doc of words and phrases.  The more, the better (I'd say at least fifteen total will do the trick). Make sure it's shared with me.

2. Keep making your way through your critical review book.

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