Thursday, January 29, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Finding Poetry: January 29, 2015

Focus: What does it mean to lose something, and what it does it mean to reclaim it?

1. Viewing the Baby Suggs scene: What is being reclaimed, and how?

2. Creating found poetry from your Beloved words and phrases to consider today's focus question (feel free to use the questions below for help):
  • In Beloved, what is lost?
  • What do the characters want to lose?
  • What do they wish to reclaim?
  • What is found?
  • What has the potential to be found?

3. Strolling through a gallery walk of found poetry

1. We will have a Socratic seminar tomorrow over Chapters 13-18.  If you did the reading ticket assigned when I was gone on Wednesday, then you're all set.

2. How's that critical review book?  Remember that essays are due Monday, February 9.

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