Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Investigating the Midterm: January 7, 2015

Focus: What did we did do well on our prose timed writings, and how can we improve?

1. Rereading Johnny Got His Gun and prepping with five Socratic questions

2. Circling up for a mini Socratic Seminar on your questions as well as the original prompt

3. Reviewing the official rubric for this essay and a few sample essays

4. Peer workshopping each other's essays:

Round 1: Using the rubric, comment on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the content of your partner's essay. Remember always to read through the entire essay once without writing any comments.

Conference briefly with your partner, THEN SWITCH PARTNERS.

Round 2: Comment on the specific strengths and weaknesses of your partner's essay's organization and style.

Conference briefly with your partner, then, using the rubric, estimate a grade range for your essay: High (7-9), Middle (5-6), or Low (0-4).

Note: Either this essay or your poetry essay will count towards this semester's grade.  Your Invisible Man writing was the one that counted towards your first semester grade.

1. If you know what you want to read for your critical review book and feel somewhat confident that it will be approved, go ahead and start reading it.

2. Signed class policies/syllabus due tomorrow.

3. Finish your poetry packet and Google share it with me (or e-mail it) by Friday.

4. Finish your critical review proposal by Monday; spend a little time at Tattered Cover checking out the new hardback and new paperback fiction shelves.  Have a Big Train chai.

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