Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A.P. Lit Discovers Anaphora, A.P. Lit Discovers the Meaning of Life: February 24, 2015

Focus: What is anaphora, and how does it help us understand poetry?

1. Warming up with a little Mumford & Sons: Why might they repeat "I will wait" so many times?

2. Understanding what anaphora is...and how being repetitive can be powerful when its poetically intentional

3. Applying anaphora to some old friends (Billy Collins and Robert Frost), and then to some new friends (Laura Kasischke, Joanna Klink, Uncle Walt, and William Blake)

4. Trying out your own poetic hand at anaphora by composing an imitation poem

1. Assigned book club reading/syllabus 

2. Next poetry response due Monday.

3. This Thursday will be a day to start composing your poetry essays and working on poetry projects.

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