Thursday, February 5, 2015

A.P. Literature Is Quilting: February 5, 2015

Focus: Why are quilts such popular and effective metaphors in poetry and prose?

1. Warming up by considering the nature of a quilt

  • What distinguishes a quilt from other kinds of blankets?
  • Why do quilts lend themselves to story telling?
  • How is a quilt both fragmented and whole?

2. Discussing in small groups "The Century Quilt" and sewing together poetic devices and larger meanings

  • Create at least four squares by choosing from the poetic devices on the handout.
  • "Sew" together your squares by establishing what thematic threads connect them. Each piece connects on two sides (if you're in a group of four); explain what thematic connections the piece has to the two other pieces it's touching.  Yes, I'll show you an example on the board.

3. Exploring a few sample essays

4. Peer editing our own timed writings

1. Because of the critical review, we will not be discussing Beloved for a week. By next Wednesday, you will need to finish all of Part 2. I will warn you that the next few chapters are structurally experimental (aka, tough to understand).

2. Friday will be draft day: If you have a draft going, you'll get more out of the editing. However, if you're stuck, use Friday simply to start.

3. I'm extending the due date of your next poetry response since you already have a big essay due Monday.  You may have all the way until next Tuesday, Feb 17 to complete this poetry response.

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