Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Writing About Beloved: February 18, 2015

Focus: How can a writing prompt help us explore Beloved's complex themes?

1. Warming up: Take three minutes to brainstorm/outline each prompt; be sure to turn in your brainstorming with your essay.

2. Choosing which prompt speaks to you the most clearly; spending 40 minutes composing an essay

Ms. Leclaire's reminder for Open Prompt #3:

Be as specific as possible in your examples. Use symbols and moments as your examples (if you can sculpt it with playdough, then it's probably specific enough). This way, you can analyze them closely instead of lapsing into too much summary.

1. Finish your big blog question on Beloved if you did not finish last night.

2. If you didn't finish your poetry metacognitive last Thursday, please finish by this Friday.

3. By Thursday morning, fill out your purple grade sheet, except for the final grade. If you did not turn in a critical review, enter a zero/F for your literary essay grade. If you have any missing assignments, feel free to turn them in with your grade sheet.

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