Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Writing: February 3, 2015

Focus: How can we develop richer analysis in our timed writing?

1. Warming up by creating your own extended metaphor about the chokecherry tree

Examining the images below, list 4 or 5 distinctive qualities of the chokecherry tree.  If the images aren't quite cutting it for you, you can also include the word "chokecherry" as one of its qualities.

Try turning each of your four or five qualities into a metaphor or simile that connects it (directly or indirectly) to Sethe's scar.  Here's my example:

The red berries are droplets of blood and memory rising from Sethe's almost dead skin.  Anything dead coming back to life hurts.

2. Tackling a poetry timed writing

1. Tomorrow will be our big Beloved day (and our only Socratic of the week), so come prepared by doing the following: Finish Chapter 1 in Part 2.  For your reading ticket, you can choose from the following:

a. A found poem using words and phrases from the chapter; please include a short paragraph explaining what larger ideas you were exploring through creating this poem.

b. A character analysis; draw in specific passages from the chapter to support your thoughts.

c. A short metacognitive on an important paragraph or page from the reading.

2. Friday will be draft day: If you have a draft going, you'll get more out of the editing. However, if you're stuck, use Friday simply to start.

3. I'm extended the due date of your next poetry response since you already have a big essay due Monday.  You may have all the way until next Tuesday, Feb 17 to complete this poetry response.

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