Monday, February 2, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Evaluating: February 2, 2015

Focus: What does it mean to be critically evaluative?

1. Warming up with happy Monday thoughts...Boom cards, anyone?

2. Exploring Bloom's pyramid of cognition and applying it to a published review of Beloved

3. Discovering the Critical Review page on Ms. Leclaire's website

a. Reading Sample #1 for style: What words and phrases show evaluation?

b. Reading Sample #2 for structure: What is the purpose of each paragraph?

4. Trying it out your evaluative cognition and style by creating a positive and negative review of a class

1. Calling all critical review books!  Time to finish up those bad boys so that you have time to write your essay, which is due February 9 (that's two weeks from now).

2. For Wednesday, finish Chapter 1 in Part 2.  For your reading ticket, you can choose from the following:

a. A found poem using words and phrases from the chapter; please include a short paragraph explaining what larger ideas you were exploring through creating this poem.

b. A character analysis; draw in specific passages from the chapter to support your thoughts.

c. A short metacognitive on an important paragraph or page from the reading.

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