Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A.P Lit Is Saying Farewell to Beloved: February 17, 2015

Focus: How do the final pages of Beloved start to heal its wounds?

Please turn in your poetry responses and help yourself to a new packet!

1. Warming up with happy Tuesday thoughts

2. Rereading the last few pages of Beloved together
  • Find one phrase, line, or short passage that brings closure or resolution to a "wound" in Beloved that has affected one or more of the characters.
  • What closure or resolution does it bring?
  • How?
  • What is still left open?

3. Socratic seminar: The ending of Beloved

4. Starting on your big question blogs if time allows

1. Finish your big blog question to prepare for tomorrow's writing.

2. If you didn't finish your poetry metacognitive last Thursday, please finish by this Friday.

3. By Thursday morning, fill out your purple grade sheet, except for the final grade. If you did not turn in a critical review, enter a zero/F for your literary essay grade. If you have any missing assignments, feel free to turn them in with your grade sheet.

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