Thursday, February 12, 2015

A.P. Lit Is Metacongating: February 12, 2015

Focus: How does your mind process a poem?

1. Recapping the idea behind metacognitive writing and looking at an example

2. Creating a new Google doc and sharing it with me: Please call it the following:
 "__________ 's Second Metacognitive"

3. Performing a metacognitive writing (this counts as a Tuesday writing, but it's not graded at all like  a Tuesday writing)

Here's what we're going for:

Constant references to specific pieces of text

Observations of the poetic devices at work and play

Questions and ponderings

Inferences and patterns

Possibly tone and themes? Could be a great place to exercise your incipient tone vocabulary.

1. Please finish your metacognitive if you did not finish in class.Keep in mind that this activity is a good test for your poem. If you only needed twenty minutes to do this, your poem might be too easy. Or, if you spend two hours on this and get nowhere, your poem might be too hard.

2. For Friday, please read the first chapter of Beloved, Part 3; for your reading ticket, please type half a page to a page (double-spaced) in response to one or more of the following questions:

a. What is devolving/disintegrating in Part 3?
b. What is revisited/revised/revolving/returned to in Part 3?
c. What is unaccounted for/unexplained/untouched in Part 3?
d. What is evolving/progressing/changing for the better in Part 3?

Please bring at least two specific passages or page numbers into your response.

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